Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fantasy Senator League

So what if we could generate the same kind of enthusiasm for our politician's performance as we do for NFL players? Well, OK I'm not that much of an idealist, but it would be nice if we had a site with a pleasant UI, decent infographics, etc. that didn't look like a bunch of PolySci majors designed it. There are plenty of watchdog groups with sites, but most are specific to a cause and are reminiscent of 1995 design astetics. A couple decent organizations with poor websites:

Pogo (Project on Government Oversight) is more modern, but too cluttered with 'sign up' 'like us' and 'donate' distractions.

The most promising is Tampa Bay Times' Politfact

But it still is a hot mess and could use some serious UI/UE work.   In their defense they are fair and have been steadily evolving, and most importantly are trusted.  They are the Snopes of the political world in my opinion.