Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation Day 7

Back on the road, but this time we are taking the 101 instead of the 1. The temperature is 80-100F depending on how far inland we were.

We decide to head back closer to Los Angeles for our final day on the road trip.

Getting closer...

Screw it, detour to Solvang...we are going to tear up this town!

And wow, did I think the Marriott in Monterey was grandma...check out the Royal Scandinavian Inn!

Ok, fast forward to lunch the next day at the Inn of the Seventh Ray which I had found on Citysearch a couple years ago, but never got a chance to try. Since its on Topanga Canyon which is right off the PCH, what the hell.

This place is so hippie, but the parking lot is full of Porsches, Range Rovers and BMWs so I guess its atonement for all your capitalistic ways.

From the About page on the site(and on the back of the physical menu):

"We, at the Inn, believe in giving you the purest of Natureís foods, energized as a gift from the sun with a dash of esoteric food knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom tossed in for your seasoning and pleasure. It may just raise your bodyís light vibration and the extra work may cost you a few pennies more, but we believe in the long run, this way of living and eating may prove less expensive. Your body elemental, that selfless, shy, invisible little fellow who works so hard to keep the oft mistreated human machine going, will jump with joy for your choice of this eating establishment. He prays and hopes you will return soon to make this a pleasant ritual with each return being a new celebration in honor of taking a small step on the path of good dinning and good doing."

"The food is prepared with love and is charged by our dedicated staff with the vibration of the violet flame for your personal gain, and perhaps transportation to a higher plane."

Wow man, wow!

This is the end of our road trip and when we get home we are greeted with a freaking mess. The cat decided to take revenge on the apartment by not using her litter box for what looks like the last three days. Thankfully we have concrete floors and the one room that does have carpet, we had shut the door. Other than the time to clean up the big mess, we only lost the rugs in the bathrooms, 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of Colleen's flip-flops. Total damage, about $500. I am pretty sure it was due to the earthquake, since we went to Utah and left her for 7 days and she was fine. Either way, she will be at a cat hotel next time...and if she does it again, there will be one old cat up for adoption immediately.

Several hours later and on the roof for a cigar and Scotch...did I mention I love Scotch?

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