Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation Day 2

Got up Sunday morning, showered and packed up. Headed north to the Ralphs to grab some ice and munchies for the day trip back to Pismo. Hey, if I am going to have a red neck I am going to use it. Its actually Oceano Dunes, which is about 1 mile south of Pismo. After Ralphs, south to Pismo, drove through the downtown area looking for a cigar store, but didn't look too hard. Its very touristy here so I figure there would be cigars for sale at most liquor stores.

We entered the beach after paying $5 for a day use pass, and its a perfect 69F all day. Driving on the beach is fun and feels so California.

So after driving down the beach about 3 miles through what I would describe as 'civilian maneuvers' we decided to go grab some lunch at the restaurant at the entrance. We paid the additional $5 for overnight use, and drove down the beach until we found a spot.

Yep, that is a rebel flag flying.

After two cigars and some scotch, we hopped in the car to grab some sleep before we head out for another day on our tour.

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