Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation Day 3

Monday morning, woke up at 4:30AM and watched the birds eat breakfast on the beach. 2 hours later, we decided to get a jump on the day and left Pismo. On to the 101 until it splits off again as the 1 and along the coast for many miles. We stopped by Hearst Castle, but since it was so early we would have had to wait to get a tour...and we hadn't showered so we spared the rest of the tourists. We stopped at a couple of camprounds in San Simeon, but they were kinda lame. Not enough trees and no view of the ocean.

At first I joked, and thought it impossible, but yep they closed the forest! Due to the fires, all the campgrounds between San Simeon and just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea were closed. So we drove for many miles up the coast with just a few "vista points" to stop and look at the same ocean with the same kelp beds. It was relaxing at least.

We stopped for some gas in Big Sur.

And they had a little diner, so we ate breakfast.

And then continued north, next stop Carmel-by-the-Sea. Which as it turns out creeped us out, like Stepford Wives. So we got the car washed since it was making it difficult to take pictures with the windows being so dirty.

Back on the road, getting close to Monterey according to the nav.

So its about 1PMish Monday and we found a Marriott close to the wharf in downtown Monterey. While its decorated in what I call "Encino grandma" it will do.

Later that afternoon, score some cigars for later.

And then Shepards Pie and Old Speckled Hen.

Then back to the hotel for a nap

Later that evening we check out the other British pub, which is right next to the hotel.

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