Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deutschland am nächsten Tag

Finally got out of bed at 3PMish local time. Front desk called and said Lufthansa delivered our luggage, that is a good start! After fetching the bags and emptying them, we shower and walk to the Hauptbahnhof, not realizing we could pay for the tickets on the tram...oh well, nice day for a walk its 70F/21C and clear. Bank for more Euros, some postcards and then back to the hotel because I forgot to put on deodorant...don't want people to think I am French ;-)

The iPad isn't connecting to the cellular network, so its useless beyond a WiFi connection, so we hop on the tram to go to the Apple store. Get off on the wrong station, and then because its after sundown, we head the wrong way and walk to just a block from our hotel! Why the hell doesn't Google maps have a compass? Now I wish I had my marching compass! Oh well, walking around Munich lost is still pretty cool.

Back on the tram and this time we get off on the right station, but because the 3G coverage is pretty lame, we think we are not at the right location. So a little wandering around and we finally head in the right direction. We find the Apple store and are completely amazed at how useless the Genius Bar people are...cute, but useless. Like many of Apple products ;-)

JesusPhone, help me!

Nevertheless, we carried on to our final destination, Hofbräuhaus!

We find a seat and order a couple of litres...

...and the waiter brings us menus in English, nice but not necessary since this is day two of our total immersion and we are completely fluent...ha!

After the biers arrive, a South African couple sit down at our table and regale us with their whirlwind travel stories. They just arrived from Amsterdam after Greece and several other European stops and are only here for two days and then on to Italy, London and then back home...only staying two days in each location. Too much travel for me...I can't get enough after a week or two in one spot, let alone just a couple of days.

And we were talking politics here...he doesn't hate Americans or me despite the stern look. I think?

A little Facebooking and Yelping...

On to dinner!

Salad, yeah, yeah...
Bread, yeah, yeah....
Pork! Ahhh Yes! "Roast pork from Bavarian production with crackling in natural gravy,
served with a grated potato dumpling" Menu pdf. No, I have never heard of 'crackling' but somehow I knew what it was...its a piece of skin with about 10mm of pork fat still attached, skin side fried. Yes, this is like a pork rind, but the real deal. I could hear my Dr. grumbling as I savored every last bite of that deliciousness. Yes Emeril, pork fat does rule!
And Colleen's cheese Spätzle was awesome...if I hadn't just gorged myself on pork and dumplings, I would have ordered my own! We also got a tureen of "Bavarian onion soup with marjoram", but I guess we forgot to take a picture of that. You can see it in the bread photo.

After our meal, we asked if they had Underberg, and they were out. So we ordered Jägermeister at the behest of our South African friends. But they also wanted to know where we got our "Emergency Underberg" tin, so we told them Smallflower.com and gave them the tin. We have a bunch at home and the missus really seemed to like it. Fortunately, we are in Germany so all the local stores have Underberg on the shelves. In Los Angeles you can get it at the Red Lion and bulk at BevMo.

A couple more litres...

And now for a little drunken vandalism...it's time to leave our mark...Und Beck's!!


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