Saturday, September 25, 2010

Germany Day 4 Part 3

We took 305 pics on day four, hence the multi-part blog. It takes forever to upload pics and videos, otherwise it could have been a single post.

So after Ratskeller, we go stand in front of the Apple store and use their WiFi to repurchase the data plan from AT&T. It works! Doesn't look like they charged us again either. So Amanda was right, even though AT&T was obviously ambitious to say our plan was active. Sometimes I hate both Apple and AT&T...just not as much as I hate Microsoft and Blackberry ;-)

And we keep passing by this place, so time to stop and get zwei biers. And then zwei mehr. Und zwei get the idea. At least today we are only getting 0.5 litres at a time.

And again we are hungry...not starving, but the food smells and looks so appetizing, and we want to try all the food while we are here, so we are compelled to order.

And off again, wandering...we keep passing by this store and for some reason I don't stop in. These are the shoes I am wearing and are the most comfortable shoes I have, but just this pair. I bought another pair in a different color but they are not as comfy as these. Probably why I haven't stopped...quality control issues and trends mean I am unlikely to match the comfort in a new pair, and the return process would likely be expensive.

Back to our hood, and to this 'little' bier garten...little because it can probably only hold a few thousand. This is a 5 minute walk from our hotel.

Time for a little magic

Und prosit!
And then some apple strudel
Und gute nacht!

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