Thursday, September 23, 2010

Germany Day 4 Part 1

So the previous day we got 3 emails from Expedia that Lufthansa had cancelled our flight from Munich to Los Angeles. Huh? Ok, so I log into Expedia and yep, there is no flight on my itinerary. But there is from LA to El Paso and a note saying wait 24 hours and check back again. So this morning, I log in and still nothing, so I email them. Later I get a basic form email saying Expedia doesn't control the airlines. What? Ok. But we prepaid for it through Expedia, so please figure something out. Still waiting on the reply to that email. So we are either stuck here(oh darn) or we are going to have to get another flight for what I imagine will be substantially more money.

I'm feeling hung today...I got up at 8AM and I guess the extra sleep I had been getting the previous couple of days was helping me from feeling hung over. Tried to get the iPad connected via WiFi to see if adding the plan again would work, but no luck. There was another dude in the hotel lobby and he couldn't get his iPad connected either. Peace out.

Now that is a truck!

So we hop on the tram and head back to Marienplatz to Deutsche Bank again. And we see this...oh how nice, they are displaying an old brewery truck for the tourists!

Wait a minute...this is actually delivering kegs of beer! Now that is cool.

Even though I had a good healthy breakfast, I am still hungry for some reason. So we wander around Marienplatz looking for a place to eat. There are a lot of places, but I need something quieter than what we are finding. We end up walking through this open air market and it really strikes me how unreal it seems to be. I mean, when you see Los Angeles portrayed in the media, its all bikini-clad hotties rollerblading around the sunny beach which couldn't be further from the truth, but Germany is really as cool as I have seen it on television or in the movies.

So we spot this place and decide to stop here for a little bit. Cafe Lotter-Leben

I ask for ice water...immediately realizing my mistake and the waitress says "what is that?" Two mineral waters it is.

Colleen orders a vegetarian wrap which she liked until she got to the avocado cream sauce.

I forgot what mine was called, but its one egg on top of 'bavarian meat loaf' (which is like bologna) and potatos. It was excellent and exactly what I needed.
Oh yeah, and a little hair of the dog
And then we proceeded to just hang here for a couple of hours and take in the city. We stared at the cars, we stared at the people(politely) and enjoyed an afternoon in Germany.

I love the sound of their sirens. And the two workers both had folding rules in their that is old world!

And then back through the market
All the kids we have seen are very well behaved.

And then more wandering...

And man these guys are experts at parallel parking.

Looks like a pipe shop, wonder if they have cigars?

Not only do they have cigars...

But they also have a nice selection of scotch!

And more wandering

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