Saturday, September 25, 2010

Germany Day 5

So, we wasted a couple of hours trying to get someone from Expedia/United/Lufthansa to call us about the cancelled flights home. We ended up calling them on our dime(or most likely C-note) and found out that when United changed us to a non-stop from Chicago to Munich, the information didn't make it to Lufthansa who marked us as a no-show, therefore cancelling the rest of our flights with them. Unfortunately, Expedia is completely useless as they can not handle this without us being on the phone, which I didn't want to use the hotel landline because of the surcharges and the astronomical international rates. Nightmare scenario, but I ended up doing it since the cell phone reception here is spotty(just like in the US) and all the calls we have been on have been dropped at some point. United ended up 'reinstating' the flights, and sent us a confirmation with $1800 in new charges...we will see if it ends up being additional and if we have to initiate a charge-back.

Anyway, on to the vacation! So its now like 6PMish and its raining pretty hard with thunder and lightening. Out to the tram and to the central station.

We only have travel umbrellas, so we get wet and decide to grab a bier at the Coke Lounge which affords us a great view of Hauptbahnhof.

But at this point we haven't eaten much in close to 24 hours. And am craving the pork 'crackling' and Colleen won't mind getting the cheese spätzle again, so back to Hofbräuhaus we go. Except its now Friday and the first night the majority of tourists show the line is about 10 people wide and 20 deep. Ok, back to 'Zum Spöckmeier' which translated on-line to English is "To Spöckmeier" ?? Ok, gonna need a German to help out with that translation. No outside service since its raining, so we find a couple of seats at a table with some dudes from Georgia and San Jose. They work for a telecom company that is based out of Munich and get to travel here about once a quarter...I ask if they are hiring!

Cheese spätzle
Und roast pork with potato dumplings, the roast is as good as Hofbrähaus, but the 'crackling' is not as crackled.

And then back to the hotel, but its still pretty early at 11PM, so we hit up the little sandwich shop at the central station for a couple more biers. Then back to the hotel to watch Beerfest! Und Becks!

My final post will be on some of the interesting or odd stuff we saw here, but this one can't wait. All I can say is WTF? Is this a cross between Mr. Hankey and Jar Jar? It creeped me out.

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