Sunday, September 26, 2010

Germany Day 6

After 5 days running around Munich, drinking like 20 year olds...we are pretty exhausted. So we get out of bed at 3PM today. And head straight to running around and drinking like 20 year olds. Its raining off and on again throughout the day. To the tram and to the English Gardens.

But once again, without the sun to help me navigate, I am turned around coming out of the subway. So we spot a bunch of umbrellas which is a good indicator that there is a warm dry place to sit down and get our bearings.

JesusPad save me!
And by far, those Löwenbräu Dunkels were the best tasting beers we have had here. So out and on to the gardens...but still I didn't check our heading and we end up back-tracking a block. We see where it is now, but its cold, raining and twilight has arrived. We will be back tomorrow. First, it's time for a couple of touristy photo shots.
Then back to the subway.
Then a quick stop to Marienplatz for some souvenirs.
And back home to drop off the loot. And then back to Oktoberfest!

We were totally prepared to not get a seat, but we ended up sharing a table with two other couples who spoke very little English. One couple was from Moscow, the other from Germany but the guy was from Kosovo and had moved here 12 years ago.
And by time we got home we were soaked. Good timing since tomorrow is laundry day.

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